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The Appearance Of The Electronic Cigarette

admin 07/05/2017

The electronic cigarette, or the e cig, among other names has come upon the marketplace like a storm. Received enthusiastically, the device has formed somewhat of a cult following, but even that description underplays the effect that it is having.

The electronic cigarette is a device that consists of a container, usually shaped like a cigarette that holds a small amount of a glycol liquid that is atomized when the user inhales and creates a harmless vapor. This vapor looks and acts so much like real smoke, that the casual observer would think that the person is actually smoking.

The electronic cigarette was originally used as a means of getting off of tobacco cigarettes and users have reported great success in that area. Tobacco has a horrible history in the chronicles of our history, as countless deaths from all kinds of cancers emanating from tobacco smoke and tar have left a legacy of misery.

The smoke of tobacco contains over 200 chemicals that have been labeled as carcinogenic including arsenic and cyanide. The tar from tobacco is also cancer causing and completely kills the alveoli in our lungs which is how oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream from our lungs. There are over 165,000 documented lung cancer deaths each year, of which 95 percent can be linked to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Is it no wonder people look for alternatives?

Nicotine is the addictive element in tobacco that makes it so difficult to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Some have claimed that it is more difficult to quit nicotine than it is to quit taking heroin.

Electronic cigarettes can also have different flavors in the e liquid that is vaporized, and even different strengths of nicotine can be supplied. This is how died-in-the-wool tobacco smokers have been able to switch. They simply get the nicotine level similar to the cigarettes they are smoking and use the e cig as a replacement.

They still get the nicotine hit, but none of the tobacco smoke which is really more harmful than the nicotine alone. Many have gradually reduced the nicotine to smaller strengths, or to the point where they do not use the nicotine at all.

This is no different in practice than using nicotine patches or gum of reducing strengths over time to accomplish the same thing, and with the e cigarette you can continue to “smoke”, only it is called ‘vaping’ within the e cigarette circles.

The electronic cigarette industry is beginning to mature to the point that big tobacco is beginning to get into the act. Big tobacco certainly has the deep pockets and the connections to make a big play with this product and there is evidence that they plan to do so. For example Lolliard recently purchased Blu Ecig, one of the early marketers of electronic cigarettes, and RJ Reynolds is test marketing their own brand.

Even the regulatory agencies are beginning to take notice, debating on how ‘dangerous’ these new devices really are. It is very interesting in an era where states are beginning to legitimize the legality of selling marijuana that they would debate whether a harmless vapor is dangerous. But, it really is all about taxing whatever can be taxed, so that is how it is.

No matter what the regulatory agencies do, the electronic cigarette revolution is upon us, as the companies come out with more attractive packaging, different shaped and colorful devices and accessories. People like their little accompanying things like cases, accessories and things, and the industry is ready to supply them along with the devices themselves.

The choices of flavorings are very interesting as they add a new dimension to the fad. Your selections cover the gamut including all kinds of fruity flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, lemon, lime, orange and more. Also available are mint, peppermint, menthol, chocolate, and yes, even tobacco taste, and of course, nicotine can be added in varying strengths.

The sales of eĀ cigs have soared as well, starting at around 60,000 units in 2009, to projected numbers of billions of units in 2014. The prognosis looks good for sales and it will be exciting to see how the market expands for the product in the future.

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